the disintegration loops
Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. Create a handmade response to an album cover. 
Student brief.
William Basinski’s 2001 album The Disintegration Loops is a seminal album in generative music and drone. The album is essentially a single one-hour long song - created by recording the slow disintegration of a short loop of music recorded on a cassette tape 30 years ago. As it recorded, the tape loop physically disintegrated, creating subtle shifts in the music as it fragments and morphs into a completely new work of art.

Drawing on the core theme of the album, I focused on the idea of creation from destruction - blooming from broken. As well as the idea of using defunct technologies of yesteryear to create something entirely new.

2 VCRs, a CRT tv, a one megapixel digital camera and a cassette tape were reluctantly harmed for this project.