No guts, no glory. No brain, no gain. Offal not awful.

Develop an event ad campaign for Waitrose, with the goal of promoting the eating of offal for and expanding their target audience to a younger and trendier demographic.

Student brief.
Offal needs a new image. It’s good for you, promotes less wasteful eating habits, adventerous and it’s more respectful to animals. How do you make offal not awful?

The overall campaign design was built on the idea of subverting and reversing the general publics perception of offal. It designed as a tone-of-voice heavy campaign, using short and snappy subversions of common idioms to create a sense of intruige with the posters. With the campaign having the secondary goal of attracting a trendier, younger demographic to Waitrose, the client, the end result of the campaign was a free, nose-to-tail food festival accompanied by an offal centric recipies app.