culture control

Microbiological culture aiding human culture.

Develop a visual identity for a series of scientific lectures, with this particular
edition focusing on how bacteria can help humanity.

Student brief.
The primary inspiration for this design was the idea that we’re surrounded by bacteria, yet it’s completely hidden. The overarching idea of the event is that bacterial culture can be used for massive positive effects on human culture, but who’s controlling who? This lead to a narrative through the design reflecting the attempts by modern science to harness and control the powers of bacteria.

The design was informed by the keyword surrounded, hence the use of text bordering all the collateral. The overall design was loosely inspired by rave culture, looking for something trendy and intruiging, that was also inherently underground and obscure, often unseen by the average person, much like the topic of the talks, microbes. This rave culture influence also informed the graphical language, creating various line-based patterns in illustrator and warping and distorting them in illustrator to give them an organic feel and visually evoke the idea of ‘hidden worlds’, or tiny planets. Finally I opted for a monochromatic colour palette to not only highlight the stark juxtaposition between humans and microbial life, but to also give the visual identitiy a fairly scientific looking feel, similar to what would have been seen when looking at bacteria and microbes under a microscope.